Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Prime Spending Analysis

Published: August 26, 2020

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This report analyzes Federal prime contract spending for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The report is available to GovWin IQ clients for download.

The topics covered in the presentation include:
-Overview of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
-Federal spending trends for UAS

UAS Missions
Defense Agency UAS Stakeholders
Civilian Agency UAS Stakeholders
UAS Trends & Challenges
FPDS Procurement Practices & Data
UAS Spend by FY
UAS Top 20 Agencies
UAS Top 20 Budget Accounts
UAS Top 20 Contractors
UAS Top 20 PSCs
UAS Spend by Category
A Closer Look at UAS Spend for Top 3 Categories
UAS Spend by Business Size
UAS Spend by Set Aside
UAS Spend by Solicitation Procedure
UAS Top 10 Task Order Vehicles
UAS Top 10 Task Order Awards
UAS Select GovWin IQ PreRFP Opportunities
Appendix A: UAS Subcontractor Data
Appendix B: UAS Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs)
List of UAS Keywords Used