Polaris Reference Guide (Ver. 2.0)

Published: November 16, 2021

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Understanding GSA's Next-Gen Small Business GWAC

The General Service Administration’s (GSA) Polaris Small Business GWAC is replacing Alliant 2 Small Business. Polaris is focused on providing all federal government agencies and other eligible entities with modern technologies, such as leveraging artificial intelligence tools, blockchain and “Everything as a Service.” Is your company positioned to compete for your share of Polaris’ estimated $15B-$20B ceiling?

Ensure you get your share with this complimentary Polaris Reference Guide produced in partnership with Red Team Consulting to:

  • Understand Polaris background and learn key differences between Polaris and Alliant 2 SB

  • Leverage the technical scope, proposal response and financial requirements

  • Access a self-scoring checklist, understand weighting and scoring thresholds and learn strategies to assist in preparing a successful Polaris proposal response

  • 03 What is Polaris?
  • 04 Key Differences Between Polaris and Alliant
  • 05 Technical Scope
  • 10 Proposal Response
    • 10 General
    • 13 Relevant Experience
    • 24 Systems, Certifications, Clearances
    • 25 Risk Assessment
  • 29 Financial Resources
  • 30 Strategies to Consider
  • 31 Polaris Next Step Strategies
  • 32 Appendix