Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) Prime Spending Analysis

Published: October 21, 2021

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This report analyzes Federal prime contract spending for Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs).

The report is available to GovWin IQ clients for download.

The topics covered in the presentation include:

-Overview of Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs)

-Spending trends for ANCs

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

Defining Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs)

Alaska Native Corporations –12 Geographic Regions

Regional Corporations Quick Facts

FPDS Data for ANCs

ANC Prime Spending by FY

ANC Top 20 Vendors

ANC Top 20 Agencies


ANC Top 20 PSCs

ANC Spend by Category

A Closer Look #1: Professional Services

A Closer Look #2: Information Technology

A Closer Look #3: Architecture, Engineering & Construction

ANC Top 20 Places of Performance (PoP)

ANC Top 20 PoP: A Global Perspective

ANC Spend by Set-aside

ANC Spend by Solicitation Procedure

ANC Spend by Competition Type

ANC Task Order data

ANC Top 10 Task Orders

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