Changing with the Time

Published: October 24, 2013

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This year’s IT Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM) Conference, “Navigating the Course,” held in sunny San Diego, California, focused heavily getting technology to change with the time. Tracy Wareing, executive director for ASPHA during the opening presentation, put it as navigating to a “new normal”. This includes connecting all health and human services (HHS) programs in order to achieve a modern HHS, so that people can get the right service, at the right time.

Another major component to the “changing with the time” idea referenced throughout the conference was utilization of mobile applications. During a session titled, “The Digital Future: Opportunities and Trends in Using Mobile Technology to Support Service Delivery”, Aaron Smith, representative from PEW Research Center, shared some interesting statistics about the growing use of mobile technology. According to results from a recent study conducted by the research center, 57% of American adults use their cell phone to go online. Also, 21% percent of cell phone owners do a majority of their internet browsing on their phones as opposed to computers. Smith highlighted in his presentation how this increased reliance on mobile devices is setting the stage for how much of a staple this technology is in individuals’ lives- even people in lower socioeconomic groups. For that, health and human services agencies must start moving toward this way of delivering services.

The 2013 ISM conference was full of additional valuable information for both private and public sector communities. Breakout sessions were split among the following tracks: new service delivery models, health care reform, emerging technologies, best practices, and data analytics. Be sure to download a copy of Deltek’s latest recap that provides an in-depth look at themes gleaned from this year’s premiere event!

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