Governors' State of the States Agenda Items (2019-2022)

Published: June 22, 2022

SLED Market AnalysisArchitecture Engineering and ConstructionCommunity DevelopmentEconomic Development/RegulationEducation (Higher)Education (Primary/Secondary)General Government ServicesGovernorHealth CareInformation TechnologyJustice/Public Safety & Homeland SecurityNatural Resources/EnvironmentPolicy and LegislationProfessional ServicesPublic FinancePublic UtilitiesSocial Services

Each year the nation's governors deliver their policy agendas to their legislatures and the public via "state of the state" speeches. This data set compiles those agenda items for each governors going back to the start of each governor's current term of office.

This data set contains over 3,000 agenda items for each state going back to 2019 for those governors whose current terms began that year. (Only NC is excluded since its governors does not deliver an annual address.)

All of the agenda items are coded to each of Deltek's 12 market verticals and three major industries, including IT, professional services, and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Moreover, each agenda item is classified to one of nearly 100 crosscutting subvertical categories that will help users drill down to relevant business development areas.

The webinar and accompanying slide set can be watched/downloaded here.