RFP-EZ at a Glance

Published: January 30, 2013

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At the end of December 2012, the Federal Register posted a notice from the Small Business Administration announcing a pilot to test a new request for proposal (RFP) platform.

Mid January 2013, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Presidential Innovation Fellows launched a project to build a platform that makes it easier
for small high-growth businesses to navigate the federal government, and
for agenciesto quickly source low-cost, high-impact information technology solutions.
“For a limited time only!”
RFP-EZ officially launched January 17, 2013 and will run for 6 months. That’s right. For now, this is just an experiment. While contracts will initially focus on certain technology areas, but if the project scope may expand as it matures.
Simple Acquisition Threshold (SAT)
Since the contracts covered on the platform will meet SAT, the values will all be in a certain range – in this case between $3,000 and $150,000.
What’s the Impact?
This is a huge opportunity for web developers and other commercial technology providers. Project will tend to be web-based digital professional services, like email systems, web design and development, social media, or digital video.The Small Business Administration has posted several projects already, including website enhancement and email systems. Currently, all bids are due 02/14/13.
Is this Right for Your Business?
If your company excels at services like those mentioned above, consider looking through the opportunities and registering your business. According to folks in charge of the project, placing a bid will only take you ten minutes.
What's Next?
Visit the RFP-EZ site to peruse the opportunities. You can also follow them on Twitter for news and announcements @ProjectRFPEZ.