A look at the top hardware, software and services opportunities for FY 2014

Published: September 16, 2013

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With an estimated $20 billion in state and local government IT spending annually, statewide term contracts are a significant vehicle for government agencies procuring IT commodities and professional services. As part of our series of reports on top opportunities in FY 2014, Deltek analysts identified 10 large-scale term contract opportunities with expected solicitations in the coming months.

Did you know that the WSCA Computer Equipment, Peripherals and Related Services contracts are set to expire on August 31, 2014? More than 45 states utilize this contract, collectively representing more than $2 billion a year in state and local government IT spending. While most manufacturers on this contract are big-name vendors, depending on the state, resellers can also qualify to sell commodities. Deltek estimates a solicitation will be released in Q1 2014 for the rebid contract, which could mean big revenue for both manufacturers and resellers awarded a piece of the action.  

Understanding cooperative contracts and statewide term contract strategies from state to state is essential if you sell or want to sell IT commodities to state and local governments. GovWin IQ’s Term Contracts Resource can help you determine the following:

  • Where your competitors hold contracts
  • Term contract pricing per vendor
  • How states qualify vendors
  • Which levels of government can use a specific contract

With detailed records on more than 12,000 state IT contracts, Deltek’s Term Contracts Resource is also a great place to find upcoming opportunities. In the newly released top term contracts report, Deltek uncovered 10 key opportunities varying from IT hardware and software, to IT professional services, all of which are representative of the commodities being purchased by states. These opportunities are open for qualification over the next year, with anticipated solicitation releases in the near term.

To learn more about term contract opportunities and read our recommendations for vendors looking to qualify for these contracts, visit Deltek’s FY 2014 Term Contracts Top Opportunities report, here.