Saint Charles, Mo., presents plentiful opportunities for justice and public safety IT vendors

Published: August 08, 2013

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In Saint Charles, Missouri’s fiscal year (FY) 2013-2018 capital improvement plan (CIP), City Mayor Sally Faith establishes: “With limited revenue available, we must really focus on establishing what our priorities will be for the community going forward.”

While this may be a nicer way of saying “do more with less,” the city’s CIP prioritizes funding for 57 IT-related projects with an estimated cost of $10,000 or more. Deltek has captured these projects as Lead Alerts in the GovWin IQ database. Read more about Deltek’s new Lead Alerts below.

With nearly $8.6 million allocated for capital projects for the city’s police and fire departments, nearly half of the 57 projects captured by Deltek will appeal to vendors in the justice/public safety (JPS) marketplace. 

Sample of police and fire department capital projects in Saint Charles, Mo.

While JPS projects take the cake, general government capital projects are plentiful. Top-dollar projects that span the six-year CIP include the provision of IT contract services ($1.1 million), routine city-wide computer replacements ($1.4 million) and software upgrades ($365,000). In total, the city’s CIP allocates nearly $3.65 million for IT projects.

Saint Charles is also investing to improve its geographic information system (GIS). This will be accomplished through updates to street and utility GIS data with street segments, pavement conditions, utilities, streetlights and other information, for which $80,000 is allocated. Similarly, $140,000 is assigned to provide an inventory of all sidewalks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. An additional $200,000 is provided for orthorectification of the city’s aerial photography, which is part of the GIS. 

The CIP also allocates more than $100 million for capital projects over the six-year CIP term, demonstrating that there is no shortage of opportunities awaiting the hands of government contractors. While many of these capital project values do not reach six figures, winning just one small-dollar project may be the stepping stone to a strong, lucrative relationship between a single locality and a single vendor.

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