Federal Information Security Market, 2011-2016

Published: November 08, 2011


Deltek's Federal Information Security Market, 2011-2016 report analyzes trends and challenges that will shape the size of the federal information security market place for the next five years.

The growing dominance of networked systems, multiple device platforms and mobile connectivity creates opportunities for cyber attackers to disrupt government operations and U.S. critical infrastructure. Driven by a 650% increase in cyber threats since 2006 securing federal government and critical U.S. information systems and data against cyber attack has gained attention at the highest levels. However, while agencies continue to make incremental progress toward securing systems and data, environmental complexity, technical challenges, and workforce shortages have inhibited the federal government’s pace in implementing a comprehensive and cohesive national cybersecurity strategy.

Federal Information Security Market, 2011-2016 illustrates that demand for vendor-furnished information security products and services by the U.S. federal government will increase from $9.2 billion in 2011 to $14 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8%.

Key Findings

This report identifies and analyzes the trends and drivers impacting this market’s growth and identifies and sizes the following six major segments within the federal information security marketplace:

  • Security Operations
  • Planning, Policy and Program Management
  • Compliance
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Training, Education and Awareness
  • Infrastructure Security
Key forces currently driving the market include:

  • Mounting cyber threats and incidents from sophisticated and diverse sources;
  • Far-reaching legislative and policy remedies that aim to patch holes in defenses;
  • Cyber workforce shortages inhibiting progress and driving the need for technology; and
  • Security gaps created by technology as well as gaps in technology solutions to fill security gaps.
These forces have burgeoned to drive focused attention and increased funding growth for information security efforts and solutions throughout the federal government.

Critical Insight for Vendors

This report provides interested parties with a view of catalysts propelling the federal cyber market with market sizings for the Defense, Civilian, and Intelligence segments and a look at the progress of major initiatives across the federal government. The report also looks at the top spending federal departments, their major information security activities, and how these dollars are distributed across the sub-segments. Finally, the report provides recommendations to guide solutions providers in maximizing their market positioning to best take advantage of federal business opportunities.

Deltek’s Federal Information Security Market, 2011-2016 is delivered in PowerPoint presentation format, including an Executive Briefing presentation summarizing the key finding and an Excel workbook with data for the various forecasts and other key findings.

  • Introduction
  • Demand Trends and Drivers
    • Threat-Driven
    • Policy-Driven
    • People-Driven
    • Technology Gaps
  • Government-wide Forecast
    • Total Addressable Market
    • Addressable Market by Buyer Segment
    • Addressable Market by IT Security Segment
  • Agency Analysis
    • The Cybersecurity Ecosystem
    • Top 10 Departments – Forecasts and Initiatives
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendix