FY 2013 Federal Budget Request: Insights and Implications

Published: March 09, 2012

Deltek's FY 2013 Federal Budget Request: Insights and Implications analyzes the spending priorities, policy plans and information technology trends and initiatives in the FY 2013 budget request.

Deltek’s report FY 2013 Federal Budget Request: Insights and Implications profiles the spending priorities and policy initiatives in the Obama Administration’s fiscal year 2013 budget request. It examines discretionary budget patterns, as well as information technology investments, trends, and drivers while offering insight into areas of growing emphasis and potential growth in the coming fiscal year and beyond.

Each new federal budget request reveals new and evolving policy and program priorities, as well as possible course changes for the up-coming fiscal year. Although some multi-year programs will be familiar, an administration often uses the new budget request to make the case for new proposals or greater investment in on-going initiatives. In addition, any number of current and growing challenges is often reflected in how departments plan to spend their funds.

Key Findings

Deltek draws upon its extensive knowledge of the government IT industry to analyze federal spending plans for the next fiscal year. Key drivers currently at play across the government include:

  • Discretionary budget pressures forcing agencies to reprioritize investments
  • Emphasis on select technology initiatives to achieve current priorities and fulfill department missions
  • Harnessing information technology to do more with less
  • Improving performance, efficiency, and effectiveness, while reducing waste

Critical Insight for Vendors

This report provides companies and other interested parties with a detailed view of upcoming fiscal year federal spending plans and is designed to enhance a firm’s business development planning with relevant strategic and tactical analysis. This report provides insight into:

  • The top priorities for the Obama Administration in fiscal year 2013
  • The federal initiatives driving information technology investment and acquisition
  • The mix of departmental technology budget Development, Enhancement and Modernization (DME) spending verses Steady State (SS) funding
  • Federal department and agency budget priorities, programs and trends

Deltek’s report FY 2013 Federal Budget Request: Insights and Implications is delivered in PowerPoint format. In addition, the report package includes an accompanying Excel workbook with the supporting data for the information technology budget analysis.

I. Introduction II. IT Plans and Strategies III. FY 2013 Budget Request Overview VI. Agency Analysis
  • Defense Agencies
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Homeland Security
  • Transportation
  • Health and Human Services
  • Treasury
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Justice
  • Commerce
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • NASA
  • State and Other International Programs
  • Other Agencies
V. Conclusions and Recommendations VI. Appendix - Terms and Definitions