Small Business Contracting Trends & Outlook

Published: March 30, 2016

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Kevin Plexico, Vice President of Research for Deltek presented a webinar entitled "Small Business Contracting Trends & Outlook." The webinar provided budget, regulatory, contracting and opportunity trends and outlook affecting small businesses in the federal contracting industry. This presentation was part of the Deltek Webinar Series, Small Business Contracting Trends: Insights to Remain Competitive.

Small Business government contractors are faced with complex challenges that can be difficult to overcome unless equipped with the right intelligence. Pursuing and winning more government business requires staying abreast of all of the industry trends and at the same time using that information to build and execute on your growth strategy. Remaining nimble and educated on the industry is much easier with a trusted and consolidated source for information.

This presentation provides the information you need on various market trends affecting small businesses are identified to equip you with actionable insight to stay at the forefront of your market, including the latest information on:

  • Budget Trends and Outlook
  • Small Business Contracting Trends
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Keys to Success