Potential Impact of Trump Administration on Government Contracting

Published: November 22, 2016


Last week at Deltek’s FedFocus conference, Kevin Plexico, Vice President of Research at Deltek, presented a government contracting outlook for FY 2017 including an assessment of the potential impact of the incoming Trump Administration on government contracting.

The presentation included:

  • A recap of 2016 civilian contract spending trends*
  • Analysis of the current budget environment including what to expect in terms of timing for budget proposals from the Trump Administration
  • Analysis of the impact of the incoming Trump Administration on various areas government contracting.

Some highlights of the presentation include:

  • For FY 2017 appropriations, expect another continuing resolution to fund the federal government well into Q2 of the government fiscal year to allow time for the new Congress and new Administration to work policy priorities into 2017 appropriations
  • For the FY 2018 President’s Budget request, expect that to slip from its normal release time of early February into March or April to allow time for the Trump Administration to implement policy priorities into the budget.
  • Be watchful of a laundry list of policy and legislative proposals promised by President-elect Trump for his 100 day plan. From a government contracting point of view, some of the key policies to watch involve:
    • Immigration reform
    • Health care reform
    • Investment in Defense spending

GovWin clients may download the presentation from this page.

* Note: The Defense Department withholds contract spend reporting for 90 days for national security reasons.  Therefore the full year of FY 2016 contract spending for the DoD will not be available until January 2017.