Federal Information Technology Services Market, 2012-2017

Published: December 31, 2012

Deltek's Federal IT Services Market, 2012-2017 analyzes the trends in the federal IT services market and the forces that will shape the direction of the segment over the next several years.

Deltek forecasts demand for vendor-furnished IT services by the U.S. government will decrease from $60.9 billion in 2012 down to $60.4 billion in 2017 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -0.2%.

Key Findings

The report explores the federal IT services market environment and expected changes that will impact service providers, systems integrators, and federal contractors over the next five years. The report examines market catalysts, such as the budgetary and administrative policy environment, as well as federal operational goals driving technology and IT services investments. The report also offers market forecasts and predictions, along with agency environments.

Deltek believes the market will grow over the next year and then contract and level off in the out-years reacting to federal technology priorities and the macro-budgetary environment:

  • Budget uncertainty will impact spending on IT and IT services. Continuing Resolution and appropriations delays into second half of FY 2013 will sustain some program spending at FY 2012 levels, but stall new starts and push enhancement timelines.
  • Due to scrutiny of IT projects, competing priorities, and desire for quick ROI, agencies will reconsider the scope, scale, and priorities of IT programs.
  • Expect agencies to continue moving to smaller scale, phased IT projects that result in more frequent competitions and smaller awards.
  • Technology trends and initiatives such as cloud computing, data center consolidation, cybersecurity, and big data implementation will influence federal agency spending on IT outsourcing and IT professional services.

Critical Insight for Vendors

The report provides companies and other interested parties with a detailed view of the future federal IT services market and a market forecast for the next five years, and is designed to enhance a vendor’s federal planning process with relevant strategic analysis. The report provides recommendations which will guide federal contractors to maximize their market positioning to best take advantage of federal business opportunities.

Deltek's Federal Information Technology Services Market, 2012-2017 report is delivered in PowerPoint® format. The report package also includes an PowerPoint® Executive Briefing, and an Excel® workbook with data.

I. Introduction II. Market Catalysts - Economic and Budgetary Forces - Policy Forces - Four Operational Goals Driving Federal IT III. Market Forecasts - Total Federal IT Services Market - Federal IT Services Market by Buyer Segment - Defense, Civilian, Intelligence - Federal IT Services Market Sub-segment Analysis - IT Professional Services, IT Outsourcing IV. Top Ten Agency Analysis - Defense Agencies - Army - Navy - Air Force - Homeland Security - Health and Human Services - Veterans Affairs - Transportation - Justice - Treasury V. Conclusions and Recommendations VI. Appendix - Terms and Definitions - IT Services Product Service Codes (PSC)