RFP for New GSA Health IT SIN Expected this Summer

Published: May 18, 2016

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GSA wants to make it easier for agencies to buy Health IT products and services on Schedule 70 by creating a new Special Item Number (SIN 132-56).

GSA expects to release a draft RFP later this month and a final solicitation in the June or July timeframe, according to Roya Konzman, a GSA Senior Information Technology Specialist who spoke at a health IT breakfast hosted by the Professional Services Council on May 16.

GSA’s Schedule 70, which now averages $14 billion in sales annually, already carries Health IT products, but “our customer agencies were having a difficult time finding the health IT expertise that meets their requirements under our existing SINs,” said Konzman.

Additional motivation for creating the new Health IT SIN is the result of a recently established seven year agreement between GSA and DHA for Health IT.  After conducting market research, DHA concluded that it would be more cost effective to partner with GSA to acquire Health IT products and services rather than create its own IDIQ or use multiple existing agency vehicles to fulfill these requirements.

DHA spends approximately $5.4 billion annually on Health IT products and services. In late April, DHA issued a memo requiring procurement officers to use GSA GWACs and schedules for “previously unsolicited and follow on contracts/task orders” for all IT and health care systems, effective immediately.

GSA is also making it easier to acquire and/or modify a schedule contract.  They launched three “Making It Easier” initiatives in April to inspire innovative, new, high tech companies to acquire a Schedule 70 contract vehicle.  The Schedule 70 Roadmap provides potential contractors with step-by-step instructions for obtaining a GSA Schedule 70. The Startup Springboard allows younger companies to use examples of project experience in lieu of corporate experience and to show financial responsibility instead of two years of financial statements. The FASt Lane project aims to accelerate the Schedule 70 approval process, shortening the wait time for existing contractors to 48 hours and for new vendors to 45 days.

Existing schedule holders who wish to offer products or services under the new Health IT SIN, will need to modify their Schedule 70 contract.