Impact of the Presidential Transition, 2016-2017

Published: August 31, 2016

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Deltek's Impact of the Presidential Transition, 2016-2017 examines the environment, transition processes, policy areas, and candidate agendas potentially impacting IT contracting firms during a presidential transition.

Deltek’s report Impact of the Presidential Transition, 2016-2017 profiles the multitude of factors shaping the environment in which the new administration will operate, such as spending levels, fiscal and policy constraints, and human capital challenges.

The 2016-2017 administration transition will change the government landscape in numerous ways: a new president and administration, a potential change in various policy directions, and possible shift in the balance of power between the White House and Congress. The many factors shaping the environment in which the new administration will operate also influence government requirements during the transition, creating lasting impacts early into the administration and beyond.

Rather than take a “wait and see” approach, industry can take a more proactive approach by planning in advance how to respond to the changes presented by the transition and a new administration. Evaluating the current environment and the potential impact on agency relationships, program integrity, contract timing, policy and many other issues will be critical for weathering the transition and position themselves for future success within the new administration.

Key Findings

  • * Changes in presidential administrations historically have not affected IT budgets or contract spending. However, look for policy changes/implementation to begin in the shorter term, possibly within six months of inauguration.
  • * Workforce separations (retirements, resignations, or other separations) did not increase shortly before or after the last administration change. However changes in agency leadership, both Secretary level and CIOs, will likely have the most impact on federal IT priorities and investments.
  • * FITARA, data center optimization, and Defense’s Better Buying Power initiative will likely not lose momentum with either administration due to current business processes and policies taking hold.
  • * Both presidential candidates vow to invest in VA and DOD. These agencies will provide areas of opportunity regardless of which administration takes office.
  • * If Secretary Clinton is elected, look for additional opportunities in agencies with missions related to medical research and advancement, healthcare, science, and climate. Her administration also plans to invest in cybersecurity and government modernization.
  • * If Donald Trump is elected, look for a drawdown in spending in agencies with missions related to climate, science, and healthcare. Additional opportunities may be found in the areas of immigration reform, cybersecurity and government modernization.

Critical Insight for Vendors

This report examines the potential impact on government and the federal IT community during the administration transition process, provides analysis of the impact of the Democrat and Republican agendas on technology, and offers recommendations for supporting agency partners, finding critical areas of opportunity and mitigating risks during the administration change.

Deltek’s report Impact of the Presidential Transition, 2016-2017 is delivered in PowerPoint® format. In addition, the report package includes a PowerPoint® Executive Briefing and an accompanying Excel® workbook with the supporting data.


  • - Purpose
  • - Why is the Presidential Transition Important to Contractors?
  • - Scope and Methodology
  • - Survey Demographics
  • - Key Findings



  • - Budgets
  • - Contracting
  • - Program Focus
  • - Human Capital



  • - Agendas
  • - Policy Positions
  • - Potential Impacts on Federal IT



  • - Timeline
  • - Players and Roles
  • - Agency Activities



  • - Agency Support
  • - Internal Planning
  • - Risk Factors to Watch



  • - Conclusions
  • - Recommendations




  • - Receipts, Outlays & Budgets
  • - DOD Budget
  • - Human Capital
  • - Healthcare Costs
  • - Immigration