VA is enhancing their MyHealtheVet platform

Published: July 01, 2015

Cloud ComputingVA

VA is in the process of redesigning and adding more functionality to the MyHealtheVet portal. VA plans to enhance scheduling capabilities, add dashboards, and improve the user experience across differing platforms, desktop, mobile and kiosks.

MyHealtheVet was launched in 2003 to provide veterans with better access to their health care providers and medical records.  The portal has evolved over the last twelve years and currently offers the capability to refill prescriptions online, securely message providers, and access electronic health records.

To enhance scalability and performance, VA migrated the portal to a public cloud hosted by Verizon Terramark, in 2014.  The new cloud based system is part of VA’s Virtual Cloud hosted at the Corporate Data Center Operations (CDCO) facility in Austin, TX. Moving forward through 2017, MyHealtheVet plans to deploy cloud based computing via the Hosted Infrastructure Virtual Environment (HIVE), which is VA's autonomous disaster recovery, continuance of operations and state of the art cloud computing systems. 

To date, the MyHealtheVet portal averages 12 million secure messages per year and 19.2 million Rx refills per year. VA estimates that it saves $21.23 for every dollar spent on the system by avoiding visits or contact with treatment facilities.

VA’s planned enhancements for FY 2016 include:  

  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet access  
  • Improved access to the secure messaging application for clinicians  
  • Full integration with Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) 
  • The ability to view/download medical imaging  
  • New interfaces between MyHealtheVet and CPRS  
  • Medication management service  
  • Deployment of the new Veterans Health Library (VHL) program  
  • Development of 3rd party credentialing allowing the veteran to assign surrogates to use MyHealtheVet  
  • Alignment with the DoD's TriCare Online for additional health summary extracts   
  • Direct secure messaging service to non-VA service providers  
  • Medication imaging

VA is requesting a 35% increase in funding to $27M for FY 2016.  Work is being performed under the VA T4 contracts.