Violent Crime and Cyber Prevention Among Top Priorities in DOJ FY 2021 Budget

Published: February 19, 2020

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The US law enforcement agency requested $31.7B in FY 2021, a 2.3% decrease from the FY 2020 enacted level.

Congruent with recent budget requests, DOJ’s FY 2021 budget request aligns its dollars with current events and administration priorities, offset by reductions in new construction and several initiatives under the Office of Justice Programs. DOJ requests $31.7B in discretionary budget authority for FY 2021; a $700M decrease from the FY 2020 enacted level.

Typically, the DOJ budget is categorized into the following mainstreams (rounded):

New for FY 2021 is the emphasis placed on key areas of investment to bolster priorities in violent crime and mass violence, the opioid crisis, immigration enforcement, national security and cyber threats, and implementation of the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person (FIRST STEP) Act of 2018. Below lists the increases in funding for each area of priority, with sample breakdowns of key investments from DOJ agency budgets, and increases from DOJ’s IT budget reflecting the same key priorities:

  • $942.2M to boost federal law enforcement efforts in combatting violent crime
    • $98M in additional funding for the ATF’s halting gun violence initiative
    • $64.2M increase and 200 additional agents at USMS to bolster regional fugitive task forces, more than doubling the $24.9M current budget for these services
  • $638.8M in additional funding to counter incidents of mass violence
    • $310M in state and local grants to assist state and local agencies with impacts of mass violence
    • Several increases under the Office of Justice Programs (OJP):
      • Project Safe Neighborhoods ($20M)
      • COPS Hiring Program ($99M)
      • STOP School Violence Act Program ($25M)
  • $379.6M to counter the opioid crises
    • $27.6M to increase DEA’s capabilities in the exploitation of foreign encrypted mobile devices
    • $5.7M to enhance DEA’s ability to combat transnational criminal organizations on the internet
    • IT Budget: a $31M budget for The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces’ Fusion Center System, a 93% increase over FY 2020
  • $319.5M for new program enhancements to implement the FIRST STEP Act of 2018 and reduce recidivism
    • $244.5M in new funding is designated to increase BOP bed space in Residential Reentry Centers by 8,700 beds
  • $143.1M in immigration-related programs
    • $106.6M for 100 additional immigration judge teams
    • An increase of $28.4M to modernize immigration court business processes
    • IT Budget: $40M allotted for the EOIR Courts and Appeals System (ECAS), $16M more than FY 2020
    • IT Budget: $53.3M designated to EOIR infrastructure, a $12M increase from FY 2020 levels
  • $122.8M to address national security concerns and cyber threats
    • $37M in additional funding and 81 new positions to effectively address evolving cyber threats and support cyber investigations
    • $5.6M to advance DEA’s cyber support section
    • An increase of $1M to enhance NSD efforts in detecting and mitigating insider threats of national security classified systems
    • $550K in new funding to grow the NSD’s mission in shielding national assets from cyber threats
    • IT Budget: a $53.3M budget in FY 2021 for the FBI’s Enterprise Security Operations Center (ESOC), 87% more than FY 2020

When it comes to reductions throughout DOJ’s budget, new construction funds at the FBI and BOP are, once again, slated for elimination, boasting a savings of $655M. Moreover, several programs under OJP face decreases and eliminations, totaling $690M less in requested discretionary funding. Some of these programs include elimination of the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (-$244M) and decreases to the Youth Mentoring Program (-$54M), DNA Programs (-$27.5M), the Bulletproof Vest Partnership (-$27M) and Body Worn Camera Partnership Program (-$22.5M).

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