Farm Service Agency ITSS 3 White Paper

Published: December 15, 2005

Labor PricingFSAITSS 3

Incumbent data from Northrop Grumman (PRC, TRW), SAIC, Lockheed Martin (OAO), EDS, CSC, IBM, National Systems and Research, Rose International, and Unisys is analyzed for escalation rates and geographical pricing for 11 unique locations.

This White Paper details procurement pricing strategies utilizing fully burdened labor rates, which reveal the pricing concept of balance in MEGA 2 ALS. The analysis studies data from INPUT’s Federal Labor Pricing Comparative Rate Analysis of MEGA 2 ALS in preparation for the anticipated solicitation of the re-compete MEGA 3 ALS. It utilizes automation litigation support services hourly labor rates, and determines pricing escalation strategies, methodologies as well as patterns and trends in labor pricing.