HHS releases $1.5 billion to states for exchange efforts

Published: January 17, 2013

Health Care

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a whopping $1.5 billion in funding to states to help fund initiatives around setting up their health insurance exchange, or should we say, “health insurance marketplaces,” as rebranded by HHS. The department believes the new name will help with marketing and raising public awareness of these upcoming systems.

Here’s a breakdown of today’s awards:

Level-One Exchange Establishment Grant Recipients
Delaware - The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services received $8,536,543; activities will include supporting the review of qualified health plan applications in March 2013.
Iowa - The Iowa Department of Public Health received $6,844,913; activities will include developing an in-person assister program that will provide services to educate consumers about their health plan options.
Michigan - The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs received $30,667,944; funding will be used to support the state’s Consumer Assistance Partnership Program.
Minnesota - The Minnesota Department of Commerce was awarded $39,326; funding will be used to support the technical infrastructure of the state’s information technology solution.
North Carolina - The North Carolina Department of Insurance received $73,961,296; funding will be used to support the implementation of the state’s healthcare reform module.
Vermont - The Vermont Department of Health Access received $104,178,965; funding will be used to complete projects necessary to meet the exchange certification requirements and ensure the system will be operational by October 2013.
Level-Two Exchange Establishment Grant Recipients
California - The California Health Benefit Exchange received $673,705,358; funding will be used to help build administrative and operational infrastructure.
Kentucky - The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services received $182,707,738; funding will be used to develop a comprehensive consumer and stakeholder engagement and support network.
Massachusetts - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority received $81,256,970; funding will be used to support the transition of the Health Connector to an Affordable Care Act-compliant, state-based exchange.
New York - The New York State Department of Health received $185,822,357; funding will be used to support marketing and outreach efforts.
Oregon - The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Corp received $226,472,074; funding will be used to cover costs associated with testing, training and implementation of the IT user interface through the October 2013 enrollment date.
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