2021 Business Development Trends

Published: June 07, 2021

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Excerpt from the 12th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study

Companies of all sizes who sell to federal, state, local and education governments reported their top four business development challenges as:

  • Understanding opportunities and their requirements earlier in the BD process
  • Establishing more or better opportunity identification methods
  • Expanding into other government agencies outside of their existing client base
  • Developing better methods to establish teaming and partner relationships in today's virtual business environment
  • Download your copy of this excerpt from Deltek’s 12th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study to learn how business development professionals are navigating these top challenges in today’s government contracting environment.

Table of Contents

  • Top Business Development Trends (p. 02-03)
  • Areas of Government Business and Revenue from Government Business (p. 04)
  • Win Rate and Pipeline Multiple (p. 05)
  • Sales in Government Markets (p. 06)
  • Expected Position in Industries (p. 07)
  • Top Business Development Challenges (p. 08-09)
  • Sources to Identify New Opportunities (p. 10)
  • Addressing Top Business Development Challenges (p. 11)
  • Expected Investment in Business Development (p. 12)
  • Clarity Outlook - Business Development (p. 13)