Deltek launches Lead Alerts, presenting more potential business for state and local vendors

Published: August 07, 2013

Vendors nationwide are well aware of how daunting it can be to build a business pipeline weeks, months or years ahead of time. Of course, this is where Deltek’s GovWin IQ has come into play over the years.

Our state and local research team is on the pulse of market trends and forecasts, with analysts dedicated to uncovering potential contract opportunities across major vertical segments, including health care, social services, justice and public safety, transportation and education.
GovWin IQ offers an array of products for vendors to stay on top of active procurements and anticipated solicitation releases, but what about those projects that aren’t fully fleshed out by state and local agencies? What about those future projects that are still just a line item in a budget or capital improvement plan (CIP)?
Introducing GovWin IQ’s Lead Alerts product!
As mentioned, we’ve already got you covered with active procurements and expected solicitations with our Bid Notifications and Tracked Opportunities products. Now, with Lead Alerts, vendors can expand their pipelines even further with a long-range view of potential projects.
So, what are leads?
Think of leads as the first hint of a project. An agency may not have a detailed plan or firm timeline in place, but officials have identified a need or desire to tackle a future project.
Oftentimes, leads are found in annual budget documents, capital improvement programs, strategic plans, news articles, meeting minutes, and agency forecasts.
For example, a city’s annual CIP typically lists multiple projects anticipated over a five-year term. The city may or may not know the specifics on how the project will be handled, when it will launch, or how much it will actually cost once complete, but that initial line item is where vendors should start paying attention. That first heads up is how vendors can start building relationships with agencies that may need their products or services down the road.
Now, reading through a CIP or budget document is no easy task; they are often in excess of a hundred pages and quite time consuming to digest. State and local contractors aren’t able to devote hours a day to researching and reading through these forms; they are focused on winning business and face-to-face interaction with potential clients. Again, this is where GovWin IQ has you covered.
The Lead Alerts database launched in June and is in the midst of a major build out. Our analysts are scouring government documents on a daily basis to identify information technology and professional services projects across vertical markets.
State and local leads coverage includes:
·         50 States
·         366 metropolitan statistical areas (Nearly 3,000 cities and counties)
·         Special districts, public universities, and independent school districts
What projects details are included in a Lead Alert?
·         Project value: Funding identified by government agency
·         Lead year(s): The year or range of years a project is budgeted
·         Associated documents: The source from which the lead was generated (budget, CIP, article, etc.)
·         Key contact(s): Primary and secondary contacts associated with a project
·         Project ID: Government-specified project number or code
·         Related GovWin IQ content: Tracked Opportunities, Bid Notifications and Lead Alerts
·         Primary and secondary offerings
·         Vertical classification
In two months, more than 5,000 leads have been published in the GovWin IQ database, and more are captured every day as we continue gathering key government plans and analyzing future initiatives. Vendors can expect the leads database to expand heavily in the months and years to come as there is never a shortage on agency needs. New CIPs, strategic plans and budgets are rolled out year round, and you can be sure GovWin IQ analysts will be doing the leg work to present these potential projects so that you can stay focused on your main objectives: building a pipeline and winning business.
GovWin IQ members can access leads simply by filtering on Lead Alerts when generating opportunity searches. An icon with an L will distinguish leads from tracked opportunities and bid notifications.
It is recommended that you set up a save search to receive new leads daily or weekly. Please see your member advisor if you have any questions or would like assistance in navigating searches.