Deltek Pulse: Justice and public safety month in review, March 2015

Published: April 03, 2015

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The justice and public safety (JPS) market saw more than 6,100 solicitations released in March and more than 16,000 JPS-related solicitations released over the first quarter of 2015. Approximately 6,000 solicitations were related to architecture, engineering and construction initiatives.

Frequency of terms in solicitations

  • Camera: 51 (10 state; 41 local) 
  • Fire alarm: 71 (26 state; 45 local)
  • Radio: 42 (14 state; 28 local)
  • Surveillance: 21 (9 state; 12 local)
  • CCTV: 10 (5 state; 5 local)

Notable RFP releases

Like February, March also had a lot of activity around next generation 911 (NG911) upgrades. Fairfax County, Va., released an NG911 telephony platform solicitation, and New Hampshire released an RFP for an NG911 system. Several next generation 911 projects were awarded, including St. Louis County, Missouri’s next generation 911 system and Fairfax County, Virginia’s interim text-to-911 emergency solution.

FirstNet decided to delay the release of a draft RFP due to questions that arose in its finance committee. As the second quarter of 2015 begins, vendors should be on the lookout for more NG911 projects as well as progress with FirstNet. Eighteen states and territories have completed their FirstNet consultation meetings, and 28 more have meetings scheduled through the rest of the year. Vendors should also keep a close eye on more consultant solicitations released for FirstNet as states decide whether they will opt in or out of the statewide network.

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