Market Demand is Up for State & Local Information Security

Published: January 25, 2013

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Since 2010 Deltek has seen a 200% increase in the number of opportunities coming to market with requirements for information security services and solutions, accordint to findings in Deltek's latest report on this topic.

However, on average, less than 25% of these opportunities represent stand-alone solicitation for information security services and solutions. In most cases, they are seeking major enterprise solutions, such as consulting services or applications software, with information security as a component.

Demand for information security services and solutions spans all types of buyers and verticals. State government agencies are the major buyers, representing roughly 50% of the total market; however, cities, counties, and public universities each represent about 15% of total market opportunity. The health care vertical, with information security opportunities embedded in health insurance systems, and general government services are the dominant verticals, providing 60% of the market opportunity.

Looking past 2012, Deltek expects demand for information security services and solutions to remain high given the number of pre-RFP opportunities in place and the large number of existing contracts due to expire.

This report was generated using Deltek’s data base of State & Local Opportunities. Approximately 2,000 opportunities were identified as including information (or cyber) security components.