Colorado all-payer claims database

Published: February 22, 2013

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The main objective of Colorado’s all-payer claims database is to provide transparent data to support activities aimed at containing costs and improving health and health care quality. Legislation for the creation of the system occurred in 2010, and the state gave administration and oversight of the system to the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC). One of the major roles of CIVHC was identifying and advancing initiatives across Colorado to enhance consumers’ health care experiences.
In December 2011, Treo Solutions, LLC was awarded a contract for the development of the system by CIVHC, in which its responsibility was to provide an overall technology platform, data warehouse and analytical tools for the APCD system. The contract is currently set to expire in June 2016. Part of Colorado’s vision for its APCD was a phased-in approach for data collection and reporting that would first begin with commercial claims data. This approach was utilized in other states as well, with considerable success. Implementation of the APCD was split into four major components:
1)     A data intake engine that securely edits and stores files from commercial payers
2)     A data repository that securely stores the incoming data as well as the files created from that data
3)     Collaboration with the state’s other health entities in order to execute common methodology in identifying patients and providers
4)     A set of analytical tools in order to prepare a broad array of reports from the APCD
In general, APCDs provide a credible avenue for collecting different types of data that can be used to further research and understand health issues amongst various populations. Colorado plans to have its APCD include more detailed cost and quality information for consumers, providers and others by the end of 2014.
Deltek will continue to track APCD legislation and developments throughout the U.S. Updates on APCDs and other health IT projects in all 50 states are available in our Health Information Technology Vertical Profile Application, available here.
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