Deltek pulse: general government and education January recap

Published: February 07, 2013

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Upon being sworn in last month, many incoming governors brought a batch of new leadership appointees, including chief information officers. Deltek pays particular attention to these changes, not only to update our state and local contact records, but also for changes in agenda, budget and policy that these leadership shifts often spur. Deltek’s general government services team monitors how new leadership may affect the state and local procurement market as it relates to opportunities in the GovWin IQ database.
A total of 1,003 IT-related general government solicitations were published in the GovWin IQ database in January, which is just a slight .6 percent increase from December. As always, we’ve highlighted the top 10 most common IT procurement categories in the state and local market, below:
·         Software/Applications  – 157 solicitations
·         IT Staffing/Consulting/Project Management Services – 46 solicitations
·         IT Hardware/Computers/Peripherals – 171 solicitations 58
·         Telecom/IT Maintenance & Support Services – 133 solicitations
·         Telecom/IT Implementation/Integration Services – 48 solicitations
·         Content/Document/Records Management Systems – 28 solicitations
·         Telecom Solutions/ Equipment – 11 solicitations
·         Data Center/Data Warehouse & Data Management/Collection – 18 solicitations
·         ERP/Human Resources/Financial Systems – 7 solicitations
·         BI/Analytics /Performance Management Solutions – 6 solicitations
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Here is a look at current tracked general government IT opportunities:
Pennsylvania’s chief technology officer stated that a request for proposals (RFP) seeking outsourcing mainframe and mid-range computer operations and support services will likely result in a contract valued "in the billions." Final questions are due on February 22, and proposals are due on April 12, 2013.
The city of Harrisonburg, Va., released an RFP for revenue and collection systems (RACS) and implementation services. Proposals are due on February 22, with an estimated contract start date in May 2013.
The Washington Office of the Attorney General released an RFP for an e-discovery tool. The state is seeking a tool to access its own records in response to public records requests. The selected e-discovery software must be compatible with a Microsoft operating system environment. Proposals are due by February 8. The state estimates a September 2013 award date, with an October 2013 contract start date.
The Hawaii Office of Information Management and Technology confirmed that vendor responses for the statewide enterprise resource planning (ERP) RFI are under review. The state requested $15 million for this project for FY 2013 and has assigned a program manager to lead this massive initiative.
The California Department of General Services released an invitation for bid (IFB) for the CalNet 3 opportunity seeking voice and data services on November 28, 2012. This project’s primary point of contact confirmed that though the confidentiality agreement and intent to submit notice were originally due on December 13, 2012, the state will continue to accept these documents up until the bids due date of June 10, 2013.
Here is a look at current tracked education IT opportunities:
The city of Chicago included the need for an after school portal in its 2013 budget. All that is known about this opportunity is that the after school portal will be a hosted database that parents can access to learn about various programs. The budget mentions the interest in pursuing this opportunity, but does not mention a time line for a solicitation release.
Deltek’s point of contact for the North Carolina Education Cloud Project has confirmed that many related procurements tracked by Deltek are expected to be released over the next few months. There have been delays due to the state’s cumbersome RFP approval process, with each draft RFP going through several layers of reviews and revisions within a handful of state agencies.
Notable awards:
The Florida Department of Management Services awarded the MyFlorida Marketplace service provider e-procurement solution contract to Accenture, LLP on November 8, 2012, for $43.3 million over a 4-year contract.
The Maryland Department of Information Technology awarded 53 vendors for its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, installation and training services project. The contract has a value ceiling of $36 million and will run for 15 years, from October 1, 2012, through September 30, 2027. A related contract document has been added to the contract documents section of this tracked opportunity.
Alameda County, Calif., awarded its voice network equipment and products procurement to Advantel Networks. The contract will run from December 15, 2012, through December 16, 2015, with two, one-year renewal options available. The final contract is valued at $3.7 million. The county also received bids from Carousel industries, NACR and Strategic Products and Services, Inc. 
The Vermont Office of the Secretary of State awarded its integrated corporations document management and electronic filing system project to PCC Technology Group on November 13, 2012. The contract is valued at $2.1 million. Deltek is attempting to obtain more contract details, such as contract duration, expiration date, and bid tabulations.
Trends in state and local IT procurement
Newly elected North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory appointed Chris Estes as the state’s new CIO, replacing Jonathan Womer in early January 2013. Estes held a vendor discussion with the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) on January 23 regarding his vision for the future of IT infrastructure and services in North Carolina. He said he was poised to move forward with IT procurement rule changes as well as mitigating the issue of IT infrastructure redundancies and inefficiencies. Deltek is tracking many potential procurements that fall within Estes’ visionary scope, all of which may have new legs under his leadership. A statewide IT plan is expected to be released in February 2013, which will likely offer more details on Estes’ plans over the next five years.
On January 18, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo named Brian Digman to replace Daniel Chan as the state’s new state chief information officer and head of Information Technology Services. Digman will now direct the state's IT transformation project.
January’s Market Analysis
Analyst Derek Johnson published a blog on hidden costs in the cloud, which was related to our guest blog produced by Microsoft Government General Manager Joel Cherkis, about cloud-based shared services as a compelling model for government business.
What’s on tap?
Deltek will recognize Social Media Week, February 18-22, with a week-long blog series highlighting our top government IT procurement opportunities, market trends and analysis surrounding social media technologies used by state and local governments.
Over the next year, Deltek’s general government services team will be looking to partner with leading vendors in the fields of cloud computing, enterprise resource planning software, student and teacher information systems, statewide longitudinal educational data systems, and other core technologies tracked in the GovWin IQ database.
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