How to do Business with the Government in Colorado

Published: March 15, 2019

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Government Contracting with the Centennial State

Learn how to grow your government sales with the state of Colorado.

Use this guide to:

  • Learn how to register as a vendor in Colorado’s Vendor Self Service system (ColoradoVSS)
  • Discover how to search for bidding opportunities in ColoradoVSS
  • Receive a list of Colorado specific contracting acronyms like Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association (RMGPA) and Colorado Multiple Assembly of Procurement Official (MAPO)
  • Locate Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) throughout the Centennial state

Table of Contents

  • Introduction & Overview (pp. 2-3)
  • Register with Colorado as a Vendor (p. 4)
  • Searching for Bidding Opportunities with in ColoradoVSS (p. 5)
  • Other Contracting Vehicles in Colorado (p. 6)
  • Additional Resources (pp. 7-8)