Legislative Snapshot: Supplemental Funding for Coronavirus Response

Published: March 20, 2020

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Congress has passed two bills to expand the medical response to the coronavirus response as well as support for vulnerable communities and businesses.

  • The Trump Administration has passed 2 bills providing a combined $10.8B in supplemental FY 2020 funding to agencies involved in the coronavirus response effort.
  • These bills work to:

    • Address the medical research and healthcare requirements to develop countermeasures, vaccines, diagnostics and equipment, as well as protect healthcare workers

    • Act as an initial step in providing additional support to small businesses and vulnerable communities

  • Congress intends to augment these bills with a stimulus bill providing broader financial support to the healthcare community, businesses and individuals (pending).

This presentation provides highlights of the supplemental funding appropriated to key federal agencies responsible for executing key elements of the coronavirus response.