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Keyword Search Help

Keyword Search Help
and Type AND (upper or lower case) between terms if all terms must be included in search results.
Example: router and firewall
or Type OR (upper or lower case) between terms if any terms must be included in search results.
Example: router or firewall
You may omit OR and achieve the same results, since OR is the default Boolean operator.
Example: router firewall load-balancer behaves the same as router or firewall or load-balancer
not Type NOT (upper or lower case) before a term to exclude it from the search results.
Example: router not firewall
Exact Phrases Enclose phrases in double quotes if the exact phrase must be included in search results. This is useful when searching for phrases that contain an and or or. Single quotes are not supported.
Example: "modeling and simulation"
Stemming is supported in exact phrases
Example: "Network Router" is treated the same as "Network Routers"
Phrases are not case-sensitive.
Example: "CISCO Routers" is treated the same as "cisco routers".
Proximity While an exact phrase query (eg "john smith") expects all of the terms in exactly the same order, a proximity query allows the specified words to be further apart or in a different order.
Example: "fox quick"~5 - fox and quick must be within 5 words of each other.
Fuzzy Fuzzy searching is useful when the word you are searching for may be misspelt.
Example: inspection~2 applied in a keyword search will find results where ‘inspection’ is misspelt as ‘inspecton’ or ‘insepction’, etc. ‘~2’ specifies the edit distance and is the max number of edit changes that may be made to the misspelled word to arrive at the correct word. 2 is the default value and the max value for edit distance. Fuzzy searches only apply to a single word and should not be enclosed in quotes.
Stemming Stemming is a search technique that the search engine automatically performs, taking the root word and expanding it to all its various forms.
Example: run will expand to include runs and running
To turn off stemming, un-check the "Enable Stemming" checkbox.
Wildcards replace a single letter (?) or a series of letters (*) when placed in the middle or end of a term. Wildcards at the beginning of a term are not supported.
Example: secur* will match secure, security, securities, etc.
Example: long_file-nam*.txt
Nested searches Nest searches by enclosing search terms in parentheses.
Example: (routers and hubs) not switches
Synonyms The search engine will automatically manage synonyms.
Example: "DoD" will automatically be interpreted as "Department of Defense".
Capitalization does not affect search results.
Word order
is important
The search engine recognizes the order of words in a search. Search with the natural word order that you would normally use.
Example of poor word order choice: Defense Department
Example of good word order choice: Department of Defense
Word spacing Place a space between words so that the search engine can see exactly what you are searching for.
Example: Information Security works better than InformationSecurity
Some Additional Examples

Example #1: If you enter Wireless Technology OR Systems Integrators, this will be interpreted as Wireless OR Technology OR Systems OR Integrators

Example #2: If you enter Wireless Technology AND Systems Integrators, this will be interpreted as searching for Required: Technology AND Systems and optionally: Wireless and optionally: Integrators

Example #3: If you want to search on the two phrases "Wireless Technology" and "Systems Integrators".

  • If you only want to search for the terms "Wireless" or "Technology" (separated possibly) and the terms "Systems" or "Integrators" (separated possibly), then enter (Wireless Technology) AND (Systems Integrators).
  • Or you could do it as (Wireless OR Technology) AND (Systems OR Integrators)

Example #4: If you want to search for the exact (but case-insensitive) phrase "Wireless Technology" and the exact (but case-insensitive) phrase "Systems Integrators", then enter "Wireless Technology" AND "Systems Integrators".

Query Builder

Query Builder provides an alternative approach to searching the GovWin IQ Opportunity database.

  • Construct complex search queries that are not possible with the regular search.
  • Allows complete flexibility in the Boolean logic across search filters.
  • Control whether to apply AND or OR relationships between search filters (this relationship is fixed on the Advanced Search form).
  • Enhanced Buying Organization and Place of Performance support for diverse geography territory searches. Easily search for several states plus individual counties.

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