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Allison Webb, analyst, Federal Information Services, is the content lead for Vendor Profiles and Vendor Program Managers. Since the launch of the Vendor Profiles product, she has maintained over 1.8 million profiles and supported the product through constant research and updates. While maintaining this data, she has also continued to manage the Vendor Program Managers product as well as assisting with the maintenance of the product and developing strategies for new content acquisition.

Allison first joined Deltek as an analyst in support of the Task Orders product, where she dealt with the incoming data for that product, as well as organizing and filing FOIA requests and responses for more detailed task order information.

Prior to employment at Deltek, Allison worked as a commercial patent researcher, focusing on international patent research in electrical engineering, physics, and software systems. Before that, she worked as an examiner at the US Patent Office with a focus on devices utilizing non-visible radiation, including many government-filed patents.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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