Samantha Davenport

Associate Research Analyst

Samantha Davenport is an Associate Research Analyst on the Federal Civilian Opportunities team, with a focus on the Department of Homeland Security, Air Force, NASA, Department of Justice, Energy, United States Postal Service, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Her responsibilities include providing research and analysis on government contract activities, such as planned procurements.

Prior to joining Deltek, Davenport worked at SAIC as a Competitive Intelligence/Market Research intern where she assisted Competitive Intelligence/Market Research principals and Business Strategy principals in researching and collecting data from internet searches, database subscription services, and searching news services for relevant business articles.

Davenport holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Mary Washington in Communications and Digital Studies and a minor in Business Administration. During her time there, she was a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society and held several jobs and internships.

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