Navy Global Contingency Operations Labor Rate Analysis

Published: January 14, 2010

Labor PricingGWOTNAVWARSSC Charleston

There are two incumbent vendors to this program, Gemini Industries and SAIC. Incumbent contracts acquired by INPUT do not provide labor categories or labor rates. This analysis includes all labor rates for Gemini Industries and labor rates from 2007 for SAIC downloaded from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing Solution. Labor Rates from all NAVY contracts effective 1/1/2007 to present are also included. All three spreadsheets are in a 'Table' format which enables user to select specific labor titles, effective dates, locations, rate types or other pricing data which may be helpful in determining competitive labor rates for RFP submission. FPDS and Task Order data is also provided in this analysis.

Nearly 30,000 labor rates are included in this analysis to help INPUT members derive competitive pricing for this program re-compete. Labor rates of Gemini Industries and Applied Marine Technology Inc. (Subsidiary of SAIC), and the Department of the Navy are included in this analysis.