ARMY TRADOC DLETP Labor Rate Analysis

Published: January 19, 2010


There are six incumbent vendors to this program; C2 Technologies, Logistic Services International, NCI Information Systems, Intelligent Decision Systems, PAL Technologies and Universal Systems & Technology (Unitech). Incumbent contracts acquired by INPUT do not provide labor categories or labor rates. This analysis includes all labor rates for the incumbent vendors from 2008 to 2011, downloaded from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing Solution. INPUT does not have any labor rate information for Logistic Services International at this time. Labor Rates from all ARMY contracts with 'Training,' 'Trainer,' or 'Instructor' in Job Title, effective 1/1/2008 thru 12/31/2011, are included. Both spreadsheets are in a 'Table' format which enables user to select specific vendors, labor titles, effective dates, locations, rate types or other pricing data which may be helpful in determining competitive labor rates for RFP submission. FPDS through FY 2008 and Task Order data are included in this analysis.

More than 20,000 labor rates are included in this analysis. Incumbent vendor labor rates for other programs as well as Army contracts with specific job titles relating to training and instruction are included in the analysis. Current INPUT Task Order data and FPDS data are included as well.