CONNECTIONS II Labor Rate Analysis

Published: March 05, 2010

Labor PricingFAS

There were seventeen contracts awarded for Connections I. Labor rates from twelve of the incumbent vendors are included in this analysis including Apptis, AT&T, Booz Allen Hamilton, EDS, General Dynamics, Government Telecommunications, MAI, Mantech, McDean Consulting, Omega Consulting, SAIC and Verizon. Some vendors' rates are through 2010 and some are for several years during the contract effective period. Many of the labor categories included in the Connections program are similar to the labor categories listed on the Draft Solicitation document. The labor rates are provided in a pivot table format, allowing users to select data accordingly. INPUT-gathered Task Order data for Connections is provided as well as FPDS (through 2008) spending data.

Almost 14,000 labor rates from Connections incumbent contracts are included in this analysis. FPDS (thru 2008) spending data and INPUT-gathered Task Order data are included in this analysis.