NIH CIOSP3 Labor Rate Analysis UPDATE

Published: October 14, 2010

Labor PricingCIO-CSCIO-SP2iNIH

****UPDATE - CLIENT NETWORK SERVICES INC Government Site labor rates have been updated. Please disregard any CNSI Government Site labor rates for the CIOSP2i contract that were included on previous analyses or search downloads.**** More than 52,000 incumbent labor rates from NIH CIOSP2i are available to view in this analysis.

These rates are taken from GovWin IQ's Federal Labor Pricing Solution for dates effective 2007-2010. All incumbent labor rates have been included in this analysis. Labor rates for matching labor titles of other contracts the incumbents hold are included as well. Data for Program Manager (15 years) and Project Manager (12 years) is specific for years experience required. All other labor rate data is based on labor title search, so labor categories with multiple levels, such as Principal, Senior or Junior, are included on same spreadsheet. Updated spending information through FY 2009 is included as well. The CIOSP analysis completed in 2008 was based on labor rates of Top 10 vendors. Program Manager and Project Manager data is displayed on Pivot Chart. All other labor category titles are listed in table format allowing user to select data to view by clicking on column header of each data column.