DOE EITS Labor Rates Analysis

Published: June 09, 2010


These rates are taken from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing Solution. Incumbent labor rates for Energy Enterprise Solutions for the original DOE IT Support Services A-76 Study have been gathered with the Alliant Small Business labor rates for Energy Enterprise Solutions. There are similar labor categories between the two programs, which will provide insight into the competitive range of labor rates for the anticipated follow-on program. FPDS Spending data through FY2009 is included in this analysis. Labor rate data is in Pivot Table format allowing users to select data to review by clicking on header cells of each data column.

More than 4,100 labor rates for the incumbent vendor, Energy Enterprise Solutions, have been organized into a pivot table and pivot chart, enabling users to compare similar labor categories and labor rates between two major programs. This process will help ensure proposed labor rates for follow-on program are in competitve range with incumbent vendor.