Published: June 21, 2010

Labor PricingEAGLE IIOPO

More than 44,700 labor rates, effective in 2010, are included in this second of three volumes featuring 17 labor categories (G-Q) listed in the Draft RFP documents. A summary sheet also provides the low/avg/max rate for each labor category.

These rates are taken from GovWin IQ's Federal Labor Pricing Solution for dates effective 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2010 for the forty-three (43) labor categories listed in the DHS Draft RFP documents, released 5/22/10. Due to the amount of information gathered for this analysis, there are three (3) volumes of data, organized alphabetically by labor category (A-F, G-Q, R-W). More than 100,000 labor rates have been gathered for this analysis and organized in pivot table format for each of the labor categories. This file includes labor rate data for 17 of the labor categories listed in the Draft RFP, with more than 44,700 labor rates. A labor rate summary sheet provides low/avg/max rate for each category. The Draft RFP requests vendors provide labor rate data by government site/contractor site, experience levels and security clearances. The Pivot Table format will allow users to sort by these filters as well as by vendor, education levels and geographic location. EAGLE I Functional Category data has been integrated into the labor rate data so the data can be sorted by vendor functional categories. 2009 Task Order totals are provided in a Pivot Table format as well. 2010 Task Order totals are included. FPDS Spending data through FY09 is included too.