NIH CIOSP3 Labor Rate Analysis UPDATE Volume 2

Published: September 28, 2010

Labor Pricing

These rates are taken from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing Solution for dates effective 2009-2011. Documents recently released by HHS include forty-one (41) new labor categories added to the RFP for submission by vendors. Some of these labor categories have multiple levels (I, II, III). This analysis includes labor rates from searches based on job titles or keywords in job titles to detail as many rates as possible so users will have enough data to determine a competitive range of price reasonableness for the RFP submission. Using the Pivot table format, users will be able to filter data by education level and experience level to match their own labor categories. Other filters can be used such as Job Title, Vendor, Work site, labor rate and work site to help determine the competitive price range. Instructions on how to filter data are included at the top of each worksheet. More than 29,000 rates are included in this volume (N-Z). Excel 2003 versions are available to INPUT users, if necessary.

New labor categories added to RFP for NIH CIOSP3 have been analyzed by the INPUT pricing team. More than 65,000 labor rates are included in the two volumes of rate analysis. Volume 2 includes labor categories N-Z.