Published: December 12, 2010

Labor PricingEAGLE IIOPO

Nearly 58,000 labor rates, effective in 2010-2011, are provided for review and analysis for each labor category listed in the recently released DHS EAGLE II RFP. Labor rate summary sheet includes minimum/average/maximum labor rate for each of 3 tiers of each labor category.

Top Secret labor rate data is provided for several labor categories as well. These rates are taken from GovWin IQ's Federal Labor Pricing Solution for dates effective 2010-2011. The RFP recently released by DHS included several labor categories not included in previous analyses. Pricing format for RFP submissions also included separate pricing for government site/contractor site labor rates. Secret & Top Secret clearance levels were also included in the RFP pricing templates. This analysis includes labor title search results where undefined levels of each category (I, II, II) specified in the pricing templates have been assumed by GovWin IQ. Level I (0-4 years), Level II (5-15 years), and Level III (>16 years) segmentation is included for each labor category listed in the RFP. Several categories, where experience is not defined, are segmented based on title (entry-level = Level I; journeyman/senior = Level II; master = Level III). Top Secret and Secret labor rates are included on several labor categories. Minimum/Average/Maximum rates are listed for each level of each category. The data has been organized in this format so that users can use as much data possible data to determine a competitive range of price reasonableness for their RFP submission. Spreadsheet formats will allow users to use their own job qualification assumptions to mix and match the data provided in this analysis. A Pivot table spreadsheet is also included which contains all Secret/Top Secret rates effective in 2011. Labor categories that are similar to EAGLE II RFP labor categories have been pre-selected for this analysis.