HHS CDC-INFO Vendor Labor Rate Analysis

Published: December 22, 2010


This analysis provides labor rates from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing solution. There are three pivot tables with labor rates of incumbent vendor, Vangent, Inc., Interested Vendors' labor rates and current Department of Health & Human Services contract labor rates gathered by INPUT. Previous contract labor rate information is not available and labor categories are not provided in documents obtained by INPUT, so the information included in this analysis is provided to help INPUT members gain insight into current HHS contract labor rates, interested vendors labor rates of other contracts and Vangent's labor rates for other contracts and GSA Schedules.

More than 11,000 labor rates from 2008-2011 are provided to help gain insight into pricing of potential competitors of this program. Interested vendors' labor rates, current HHS labor rates from other HHS contracts and Vangent labor rates from other contracts have been included in this analysis.