Florida House Committee Moves Forward with Bill to Terminate the State IT Agency

Published: April 13, 2017

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As Florida debates the future of the Agency for State Technology, what does it mean for vendors?

Florida has been plagued with instability when it comes to IT leadership. The latest organization charged with spearheading state IT efforts is the Agency for State Technology (AST), established in 2014. After just 3 years, AST is being threatened with extermination by the Legislature due to charges of overuse of no-bid contracts.

While AST hasn't been officially terminated, the prognosis isn't positive. But what does this mean for vendors? Businesses are attracted to stable environments where they know what to expect and how business practices are implemented. With the constant upheaval of the state's IT leadership, IT projects can't move forward as planned and companies don't want to invest the time, money, or effort into a state where direction is constantly shifting. 

Source: GovTech