Once-threatened Florida Technology Agency Prepares for a Busy Future

Published: July 07, 2017

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Florida’s Agency for State Technology avoids dissolution and looks forward toward new initiatives

After a months-long debate in the state legislature capped by a solid gesture of support by the governor, Florida's Agency for State Technology (AST) has escaped possible dissolution and is preparing to expand its role. A budget committee decided that AST would not be dismantled, and Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill that would have scaled back the state’s technology personnel and possibly put the Agency in jeopardy.

AST, which was formed in 2014 as the fourth iteration of a Florida state technology office within the past 12 years, will continue on with new appropriations for a geographic information system (GIS) office and chief data officer. Other priorities for the office moving forward, he said, include drafting legislative priorities for the 2018 session starting in January, which include cloud and cybersecurity.

Source: Statescoop