Emerging Federal Technology Markets, 2015

Published: December 19, 2014

Deltek’s Emerging Federal Technology Markets, 2015 explores trends in the federal adoption of sensor technologies, software-defined infrastructure, and predictive analytics/machine learning.

Deltek anticipates emerging sensor technologies, software-defined infrastructure, and predictive analytics/machine learning will play a prominent role in transforming federal agency IT environments.

Key Findings

Federal agencies are leveraging current trends in federal IT – cloud, wireless networks, IPv6, and virtualization – to gradually adopt new technologies that enable cost savings and the more efficient use of IT resources. Sensor technologies are being introduced to track facility energy consumption and enhance physical security, while software-defined infrastructure is being explored to eliminate bottlenecks that result from stovepiped systems and the growing volume of data. Machine learning technology is being tested to create “smart” networks that rely less on person-based administration. Tying it all together are predictive analytics, which agencies are using for a growing number of purposes, from forecasting network performance and enhancing cyber security to ferreting out waste, fraud, and abuse.

Significant factors shaping these emerging technology areas:

  • The Department of Defense has announced its intention to focus investment over the next few years in game-changing emerging technologies as part of its Defense Innovation Initiative.
  • The General Services Administration is making it easier for agencies to acquire emerging technologies by including them it its requirements for upcoming major contract competitions like NS2020 and Alliant 2.
  • Agencies have invested heavily in wireless and internet protocol-based networks, providing increased capability to take advantage of emerging IP-based sensor technologies.
  • The gradual adoption of cloud computing has provided agencies with an expanding foundation for leveraging software-defined infrastructure.
  • Agencies are making slow progress transitioning to IPv6, a foundational pre-requisite for making greater use of emerging sensor technologies.
  • Experience using predictive analytics exists at all agencies, providing a core of understanding on which future investment can be built.

    Critical Insight for Vendors

    Deltek’s Emerging Federal Technology Markets, 2015 report provides a detailed view of the market factors shaping federal procurement of sensor technologies, software-defined infrastructure, and predictive analytics/machine learning solutions.

    This report is delivered in PowerPoint® format and includes an Executive Briefing and Excel® workbook providing chart data.
  • Introduction

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    Market Catalysts

  • Sensor Technologies

    - Internet of Things (IoT)

    - Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

    - Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

  • Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

  • Predictive Analytics (PA)/Machine Learning

    Conclusions & Recommendations

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