Kentucky Issues RFP for Digitized Drivers License

Published: August 11, 2017

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has posted a request for proposals (RFP) for a comprehensive solution for its official identity credential issuance services, including driver licenses, personal identification cards, and child identification cards.

For more information on the RFP, go here.

Current Business Process Flow

A profile of current processing procedures for digitized driver's licenses is outlined below.

The Circuit Clerk or staff input the required data to issue a driver's license, permit or identification card into the KDLIS system. After payment is collected and transaction completed in KDLIS, the digitized application is opened. The customer completes a form answering required questions, provides a signature and poses for the facial photograph(s). An image is selected and saved with the scanned form. The images, signature and other required information is printed and laminated. The quality of the card is reviewed by the issuing officer and upon acceptance, is submitted to the citizen.

The images are stored in standard jpeg format and uploaded nightly through a batch process to the Central Image Server (CIS). The facial recognition program is activated on the CIS to compare the previous image and associated information of the citizen. Reports are generated through this system for review by KYTC employees.

The current process uses a dot-matrix printer to print motor-voter forms and daily reports. This printer will be replaced by the vendor solution’s printer.

KY Drivers License Business Process Flow

Current Interfaces and their descriptions:

  • The Digitized Driver's License application receives information from the mainframe Kentucky Driver's License System (KDLIS) to be used in printing the cards.
  • The Digitized Driver's License application exchanges images with the Central Image System (CIS).
  • The Central Image System (CIS) sends images to the Image Exchange System which exchanges images with other states.
  • Law Enforcement retrieves images from the CIS and can utilize the facial recognition software.

See Attachment F for the KDLIS Drivers License Context Diagram.