San Francisco Undergoes Its Biggest Tech Upgrade Yet

Published: September 05, 2017

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Last month, the city switched over to an all-new, $60 million computing system that will administer its $10 billion budget, manage invoicing, purchasing and payments to over 5,000 vendors, and handle the payroll for the city’s 30,000 employees.

After years of working with outdated systems, San Francisco city government is in the midst of the largest technological upgrade in its history. City official hope that the result will be a government that conducts business more efficiently and transparently than ever before. City Hall’s appetite for upgrades has arisen now because the city has both “the need to modernize and the means available to do it,” City Controller Ben Rosenfield said. In June, the city hired Linda Gerull as its new director of technology. Over the next few years, Gerull said there would be “an explosion of new services” that will benefit both bureaucrats and the public by digitizing processes currently being done on paper or in-person.

This effort is being undertaken in order to create more efficient government processes and to improve transparency.  This effort should better position San Francisco to make informed decisions and enable inter-communication of data between different city departments.  While still in the early stages of use and adoption by the different agencies, this upgrade will provide a strong aid in future endeavors and government management.

Source: GovTech