New research reveals which cities can benefit most from IoT

Published: October 16, 2017

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Boston, Chicago and Atlanta top a list of 50 cities expected to make the most of emerging smart city and Internet of Things technologies.

Compass Intelligence, a global consulting and analytics firm, has released its Smart City Benefits Index to show the 50 US cities with the most potential to benefit from the Internet of Things and other smart city technologies. The goal of the index is to show where smart city dollars should go, rather than just show where they have gone.

The index evaluates each city’s expected position and readiness to embrace, adopt, implement, and scale smart city projects, initiatives, investments, technologies, and solutions. Higher ranked cities are expected to be earlier adopters of these technologies and could also potentially reap greater benefits of a return on investment.

Researchers reported interesting findings, in that some national technology hubs, such as San Francisco, did not dominate the rankings. Instead, cities with a combination of different business and industrial sectors, such as Cleveland, were found to have an advantage. The company predicts that the global smart cities market will surpass $1.4 trillion by 2020, with smart energy and smart governance, digital planning, and decision-making tools being driving forces.

Source: StateScoop