States exploring alternative child support collection methods

Published: November 30, 2017

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States have increased procurement activity for child support kiosks and other payment collection efforts

There has been an uptick in state solicitations for alternative methods for collecting child support payments. Currently, most states allow parents to submit child support payments through a variety of methods, including in person at a child support office, through the mail, over the phone or online. However, many parents still face barriers to submitting payments if they cannot make office hours or are traveling out of state. States are relying on the vendor community to help them think of ways to make it easier for parents to submit child support payments and increase overall collections without raising state costs. States like Florida and Iowa have issued Requests for Information (RFIs) seeking vendor solutions or advice on how to increase collections. States like Arizona, California, Virginia and Washington have issued solicitations for creative technology service solutions including kiosks to allow non-custodial parents to submit payments from more locations at more convenient times. California is partnering with MoneyGram, PayPal, PayNearMe and TouchPay to make it easier for parents who travel to submit payments from another state. Deltek anticipates an increase in alternative child support collection solicitations as states work to improve payment collection and engage parents participating in the child support program.