Government-Focused Information Exchange Goes Live

Published: January 31, 2018


A new information network is putting the collective wisdom of public sector IT agencies within reach of their colleagues and trying to solve some of the big problems that vex government.

The government Digital Transformation Exchange (DTE), an online platform powered by ProudCity, is a new online portal that aims to ease the innovative process and empower collaboration by creating a place for government to share projects and best practices. This platform, which went live on January 30, is believed to be the first such partnership in the nation. It is the brainchild of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, and includes the founding member states of Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, as well as Montgomery County, MD and the Illinois villages of Hinsdale and Wilmette.  

The website currently features seven initial case studies from state and local agencies that are founding members themselves, and are written to include problems they focused on, solutions found and the ultimate impact. Not too far in the future, ITIF plans to establish working groups on topics including participation and content generation, to give members a louder voice and let them drive the conversation.

The DTE is meant to be a “conduit to collectively and easily share information,” and the launch is only the beginning of what is expected to become “a strong and vast digital resource for the public sector.” This will be interesting to monitor moving forward to see what the involved states are finding, what success are had, how approaches to technology may be changing, and what implications this could hold for future landscape of government IT.

Source: GovTech