FBI Expects to Triple the Number of Awards for IT Triple S Recompete

Published: April 19, 2018

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UPDATE APRIL 19, 2018: Answers to questions from interested vendors were released by the Contracting Office. Key points included:

  • All potential prime contract holders will need to demonstrate they meet the necessary skill sets for each task they choose to bid on.  While teaming arrangements are encouraged, prime vendors must meet all of the evaluation criteria independently.  Evaluation criteria will be provided once the Draft Statement of Work is released.
  • During the Industry Day, the FBI plans to provide more clarity on the tracks and provide a sample task of what vendors can expect to see on an individual task order. 
  • A small business component for IT Triple S is being considered, but no final decision yet.
  • The FBI currently anticipates approximately 12 prime vendors will be awarded for each of the 12 tracks.  While the FBI is still considering the total number of tracks, it could mean approximately 144 prime contracts awarded for IT Triple S.  This is more than triple the total number of contacts awarded for the incumbent Triple S BPA in October 2010.
  • Clarification was provided for the CJIS Vendor Day, which is scheduled for April 25, 2018. This is separate from the April 30, 2018 IT Triple S Industry Day in Washington, DC.  Registration for the CJIS Vendor Day is closed, however Washington, DC Industry Day is open, with registration due by April 20, 2018.

The FBI’s continued public updates to Industry are a distinct and positive change from the previous competition.  This continued increase in transparency will provide industry with more information which fosters smarter business decisions should they wish to pursue this requirement.

Deltek is tracking this opportunity under GovWin IQ Opportunity Report # 108142, FBI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT SERVICES (IT TRIPLE S) (IT-SSS).

The Acquisition Milestone Schedule is updated as follows:

Acquisition Milestones:


Revised / Actual

Status as of 04/19/2018

Vendor Survey with Current BPA Holders




Vendor Survey Responses Due




RFI to Industry



Complete, but the DSOW was not included

RFI Responses




Industry Day Registration




CJIS Vendor Day



Industry Day - Washington, DC




Finalize SOW

05/16/2018 – 05/31/2018



Release Draft Solicitation to Industry




Questions from Industry




Responses to Questions from Industry




Release Final Solicitation




Proposals Due









UPDATE APRIL 12, 2018: The Contracting Office released the Request for Information (RFI). The Draft Statement of Work (SOW) was not included.

Responses to the RFI are due by 1:00 PM EST on April 20, 2018 and should be e-mailed to Jeffrey Markovich and Todd Pratt.

Among the information included in the RFI, the FBI indicated a ten-year period of performance for the IT Triple S recompete instead of eight.  The ceiling value is now $5 billion – a substantial decrease from the incumbent. Though specific spending data is unavailable, Deltek suspects the incumbent IT Triple S vehicle was well-utilized by the FBI, but was nowhere near the $30 billion ceiling.  A reduced ceiling value of $5 billion is a more realistic expectation for the follow-on IT Triple S vehicle. Despite the reduction in the ceiling value, Deltek anticipates the program will continue to attract significant interest from vendors.

An Industry Day is planned for April 30, 2018 with two sessions, 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (RRB/ITC) in Washington DC. Interested vendors should complete the application form which was released with the RFI, and return it via by 4:00 PM EST on April 20, 2018. 


UPDATE MARCH 22, 2018: The Contracting Office issued a list of anticipated Solicitation Tracks for the FBI IT Triple S vehicle.  Required work is expected to fall into the following twelve categories:

  1. Agile
  2. Operations and Maintenance
  3. Engineering Services
  4. Development
  5. Information Technology Consulting
  6. Information Technology Scientific Services
  7. Cloud
  8. Telecomm
  9. Information Technology Services
    • (Telecomm and IT Services are now two tracks with the 04/12/2018 update)
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Information Technology Security Services
  12. Information Technology Help Desk Support
    • (Cabling was removed with the 04/12/2018 update)

Deltek believes that interested vendors will have the opportunity to submit Capabilities Statements to demonstrate qualifications for multiple categories.


MARCH 21, 2018:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a Special Notice on March 21, 2018 announcing a tentative procurement schedule for the recompete of the Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (IT-SSS) BPA, commonly referred to as IT Triple S. The FBI plans to issue a Request for Information (RFI) and Statement of Work on or about April 9, 2018.  The RFI will provide information about the upcoming Industry Days, one at the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) facility in Clarksburg, WV on April 25, 2018 and another held in Washington, DC on May 2, 2018.

The public release of this Special Notice stands in stark contrast to the previous IT Triple S competition, which was conducted privately with the Solicitation released directly to vendors.  Interest in the program grew year over year as the recompetition neared.  It now stands as one of Deltek’s most popular opportunities.  The increased attention from industry is likely the driving force behind this this public interface.

The incumbent BPA provides the FBI with services in the following areas:

  • Hardware and Software and Related Services
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Technical and Development
  • Other Administrative and Technical Services

There were 46 contracts awarded in 2010, with a majority to small businesses.  The ceiling value was $30 billion with an eight year period of performance.  Individual task orders were worth as much as $50 million.  The IT Triple-S follow-on will be competed on a Full an Open/Unrestricted basis, though Deltek expects a number of contracts will be awarded to small businesses. 

Planned Acquisition Milestones:

RFI to Industry with draft SOW 04/09/2018
First Industry Day – CJIS 04/25/2018
Second Industry Day – Washington, DC 05/02/2018
Finalize SOW 05/16/2018 – 05/31/2018
Release Draft Solicitation to Industry 07/13/2018
Questions from Industry 07/27/2018
Responses to Questions from Industry 08/03/2018
Release Final Solicitation 08/17/2018
Proposals Due 10/05/2018
Award 03/01/2019


Industry response can help shape the acquisition, though the contracting office will not accept inquiries until after the RFI is released. All interested vendors are encouraged to mark GovWin IQ Opportunity Report # 108142, FBI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT SERVICES (IT TRIPLE S) (IT-SSS).