The Department of the Navy Guided Missile Frigate FFG(X) Program and Future Ship Repair/Maintenance

Published: November 20, 2018


Part of the current U.S. administration’s agenda includes expanding the Department of the Navy’s fleet to meet a total of 355 ships over the next few decades. A portion of this fleet expansion includes the introduction of the Guided Missile Frigate (FFG(X)). The FFG(X) will be a small surface combatant expected to increase fleet capabilities and provide additional tactical information to the overall fleet, to include added technical and cyber capabilities.

According to the Highlights of the Department of the Navy FY 2019 Budget document released by the Department of the Navy earlier this calendar year, 1 Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is anticipated to be procured in FY19 with a reported shift to the first FFG(X) expected in FY20. This timeline for the FFG(X) coincides with information released during a November 2017 industry day for the Guided Missile Frigate (FFG(X)) Conceptual Design competition. According to the FFG(X) program schedule provided in the industry day slides, a full and open competition is expected for the Detail Design and Construction (DD&C) portion with award slated in FY20. The Department of the Navy is planning on procuring 20 FFGs with a notional schedule of one in FY20, one in FY21, and two per FY thereafter until the anticipated total is met in FY30.

The FFG(X) Conceptual Design RFP was released in November 2017 on a full and open basis and was awarded to five vendors in February 2018: Austal USA, LLC, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Huntington Ingalls Inc., Marinette Marine Corporation, and Lockheed Martin. The design competition sought to incorporate established parent ship designs to meet specific FFG(X) requirements and has a 16 month period of performance.

Historically, the Navy has procured the actual building of the ships via sole sourced contracts or by releasing the solicitation directly to select vendors. Will these planned ships end up following the same, historical procurement path or will the Navy commit to its previously stated intention of procuring the FFG(X) on a full and open basis?

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With the increase of the Navy fleet, an uptick in related ship maintenance and repairs requirements are expected in the future as a result. At a Charleston, SC industry day attended by Deltek in August 2018, the Government stated it is still trying to determine precisely how to approach any potential requirements surrounding the proposed increased fleet. In addition, the Government posited there will likely be opportunities for vendors to provide input into the process, but were unable to provide any exact details at this time until further information has been determined internally.

Until the Government decides exactly how to pursue future requirements stemming from an increased Navy fleet and the influence such an increase will have on ship maintenance/repair requirements, as well as the impact existing ship yards, Deltek has identified several upcoming ship repairing and/or maintenance type requirements, highlighted in the below chart.




Abbreviated Requirements

Opp ID: 155237

Hawaii Surface Ship Repair

Non-nuclear Surface Ship Maintenance, Repair, & Modernization

Opp ID: 169155

Non-complex, Emergent & Continuous Maintenance on Surface Combatant & Amphibious Ships

Emergent, scheduled, continuous maintenance, modernization, and repair requirements in Continuous Maintenance (CM) and Emergent Maintenance (EM) ship availabilities

Opp ID: 165627

Submarine Preservation

Depot/intermediate level preservation on Los Angeles, Virginia, Columbia, and Ohio Class submarines

Opp ID: 174005

Aircraft Carrier CVN Preservation

Preservation work including, but not limited to, surface preparation, coatings application and associated structural repairs for complete or touch-up preservation of U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier interior and exterior surfaces

Opp ID: 173694

U.S. Navy Workboat Docking

Provide Naval Shipyards with workboats to assist naval vessels for dry docking evolutions

Opp ID: 170279

SWRMC Product Family production shops

Provide intermediate-level (I-level) ship maintenance and repairs

Opp ID: 172344


Regular Overhaul and Dry-Docking Availability (ROH / DD) of the USNS PATUXENT (T-AO 201)

Opp ID: 174358


Mid-Term Availability (MTA) on the USNS BIG HORN (T-AO 198)


In addition, the RFP for the rolling admissions to the SERMC MAC-MO for ship repair was released on November 15, 2018 under full and open competition, which is being tracked under Opp ID: 172287. Proposals are due on December 17, 2018 and multiple awards are expected.  The SERMC MAC-MO has an estimated value of $650,000,000 and provides surface ship maintenance, repair and modernization for class ships homeported in or visiting Mayport, Florida.