CDCA SeaPort NxG Industry Day/SSC LANT Contract Strategy Update

Published: January 17, 2019


The Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) held a SeaPort NxG /SSC LANT Contract Strategy Update industry day on January 14, 2019 in Charleston, SC. The industry day highlighted information on SeaPort NxG and SPAWAR Atlantic’s command initiatives. SPAWAR Atlantic’s Executive Director, Chris Miller, Contracts Lead, Steve Harnig, and IWRP Program Manager, Don Salee, were the main presenters during the event. NAVSEA Seaport NxG representatives, Susan Tomaiko and Sharon Rustemier, were scheduled to present; however, they were unable to attend due to inclement weather in the Washington D.C. area around the time of the industry day.

SPAWAR Atlantic stated it has strategically aligned itself behind SeaPort, which has resulted in streamlined procurements for the agency. Within the NAVSEA slides, it was presented that NMCARS has been changed to make SeaPort mandatory and a waiver must be obtained to contract outside of the vehicle. However, SPAWAR Atlantic specified it has a class waiver to procure its internal, niche contracts outside of SeaPort.

In the coming months, an increase of RFPs are anticipated to be released via SeaPort NxG, which will result in a decrease of requirements procured through SeaPort-e.  SPAWAR Atlantic is planning to use SeaPort-e for Solicitations anticipated to be released within the next couple of months and will most likely transition to SeaPort NxG for Solicitations anticipated after that timeframe.

SPAWAR Atlantic expects its command strategy to remain the same over the next five years. The agency plans to procure requirements through internal/niche contracts, such as Cyber Mission Engineering (CME) or Cyber Mission Systems (CMS), the SeaPort vehicle(s), and through external contracts when applicable. Steve Harnig and his team presented multiple slides highlighting upcoming SPAWAR Atlantic procurements. The presentations are generally posted to the SPAWAR Atlantic website within a week of the industry day.

The 50th CDCA SBIOI is anticipated to be held in Charleston, SC in the March/April 2019 timeframe.